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Over the past year, we have received tremendous feedback from our community practices on how to improve existing functionality, and suggestions for new functionality in the Sightly platform. We have listened to everyone, started compiling a list, and now we are starting to build on that list. 

We will be making changes to both the storefront and the dashboard. Soon we will be able to show you some of the changes, but for now we can talk about some of them below.

Thank you,

@GetSightly team.

Sightly Storefront

With the addition of FittingBox and more practices wanting to add frames to their storefront, we recognize that a refresh is required for the storefront. For version 2.0 of the Sightly storefront, you will see that traditional online store look & feel. We are taking our inspiration from one of partners Maui Jim. 

We have also received amazing design guidelines from Luxottica on how they like to have frames presented within a web store. In all, we think that everyone is going to like the direction that we are headed in. Here is just a few of the changes that you will see:

  • Conventional web store look & feel to the Sightly storefront
  • Category menus along the top (preventing names from being cut off)
  • Ability to set the header and footer color to your brand
  • Ability to display your logo
  • Change the background color of the add-to-cart button for contact lenses so that you can highlight the best value
  • Color Squares for product attributes that link to the product displaying that color
  • Ability to upload an image (like a script)
  • Lens configurator
  • Plus more features to come

Sightly Dashboard

There will be a lot of changes in the dashboard from layout to functionality. We are moving the most common used features to that main dashboard so that staff can easily create a patient or create an order. Here is what you can expect in the new dashboard:

  • Login screen for staff members
  • Main dashboard displaying most commonly used features
  • Appointment dashboard
  • Reporting dashboard
  • We have removed the onboard process. Now you will just create a patient account and the system will randomly generate a password that must be changed
  • Upload multiple images at once
  • Permissions that you can assign to staff members
  • Help articles for each page you are on (not a separate portal)
  • New security features - Activity tracking and display on all records, get notified when a staff member has logged in to the dashboard, or when a staff member has logged in with a new device.
  • 2FA (Two-factor authentication) when you login (no more tokens) 
  • Many more improvements to be made that we hope you will like 

What's Next

Our goal is to have Sightly HIPAA Certified by the end of 2021. All the changes that we are putting in place now are being done so that we can achieve this milestone in our platform.

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