Powering Your E-commerce Store for Your Practice

Sightly is YOUR e-commerce store for YOUR patients to continue purchase the products YOU sell in between their visits (contact lenses, eye-drops, eye-vitamins, frames, etc.).

GetSightly E-Commerce Platform for Optometrists

Grow Revenues In-between Office Visits

Sightly isn't just any other e-commerce platform - it's specifically designed for optometry practices like YOURS!

Let your patients continue to do business with you in-between office visits with an easy and convenient e-commerce store to order or re-order any products that you offer in your practice.

Your Sightly Storefront

  • Your patient's have a trusted relationship with you and your recommendations. I don't have to worry about getting my prescription wrong
  • Always be ensured that your patient never runs out of the products that you sell with an easy re-ordering subscription.
  • Receive gentle reminders about your appointments and purchases via email or text messaging. Receive product update information that is important to you.
  • Reward your patient's for being loyal to your practice by giving them reward points for their interactions with you.
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Sightly E-Commerce Platform for Optometry Practices
GetSightly App

Your Sightly App

  • Now your patient's can have all of their information, and family member's information available at their finger-tips
  • You can broadcast your practices' news or send information directly to your patient.
  • Your patients can order products for themselves & family members, request appointments for themselves & family members, shop all of your products, easily access the products assigned to them, order anytime they want, and much, much more...
Dr. Jeff Goodhew, Abbey Eye Care
Dr. Jeff Goodhew, Abbey Eye Care

"It [Sightly] is the best I have seen in our space. The nice thing is that it gives complete control to the ECP to set pricing/rebates etc."

Abbey Eye Care's Storefront

From your dashboard you can get a quick snapshot of your sales by modality & manufacturer, listing of orders, and patients that have signed up to your storefront.

Automated Re-Order Reminders

Any product in your storefront can be setup with automated re-order reminders for your patients to order their next supply. Your patients can choose to have the order shipped home or picked up in your office.

Your Products & Your Pricing

There is no limits to the products that you can include in your Sightly storefront. Nutraceuticals, contact lenses, sunglasses, eye-glass frames, etc.

Email & SMS Marketing Tools

Take advantage of the email and SMS marketing tools to send targeted and highly personalized messages for the products that you sell.

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Sightly E-commerce Dashboard

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