The smarter way to sell contacts & dry-eye products to your patients.

Sightly powers commerce for optometry practices like yours, making it easy for your patients to order & reorder from you. Even when your office is closed! Your staff will love the centrailized ordering built into Sightly.

Sightly E-commerce Platform - Patient Reordering
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What Practices are Saying

Dr. Howard Dolman - Sightly Customer
Dr. Howard Dolman
Dolman Eyecare Centre
Now you can order contacts in the blink of an eye!
Well almost... Using our [Sightly] online store you can purchase your contact lenses 24/7 and have them shipped right to you. The convenience of an online store with the assurance of your own optometrist.
check out the video from Dolman Eyecare Centre
Dr. Jeff Goodhew - Sightly Customer
Dr. Jeff Goodhew
Abbey Eye Care
It [Sightly] is the best I have seen in our space!
The nice thing is that it gives complete control to the ECP to set pricing/rebates etc."
Dr. Ritesh Patel - Sightly Customer
Dr. Ritesh Patel
See & Be Seen Eye Care
We highly recommend this platform!
Transitioning to an all inclusive program such as Sightly was game changing for us. It allowed us to free up our staff time but also retain a higher amount of our contact lens patients. Best of both worlds! Our patients love the rewards program and this has also resulted in further benefits for our business.
Dr. Patrick Hector - Sightly Customer
Dr. Patrick Hector
Burlington Vision Care
Maiking it easy for my patients
I only want my patients to click 'order' and not worry about what product they should pick or incorrectly entering in their prescription.
Dr. Kim Crowe - Sightly Customer
Dr. Kim Crowe
Downtown Vision Care
Sightly has been fantastic!
It's easy and straightforward to use, and I like that patients are able to purchase other products as well... Within our office, we're a big fan of checking in on patient trials with Sightly - being able to directly email and keep track of the correspondence. All in all, we're happy that we're on board with Sightly