E-commerce for Optometry = Sightly

Let your patients continue to do business with you in-between office visits with an easy and convenient e-commerce store to order or re-order any products that you offer in your practice.

Sightly E-commerce Platform for Optometry

Grow Revenues In-Between Office Visits

Sightly isn't just any other e-commerce platform - it's specifically designed for optometry practices like YOURS!

Capture Re-orders

With the Sightly Platform you can easily capture re-orders with your patients. Your patient can receive an email or text with a link back to your storefront or Sightly patient app to re-order.

Trial Tracking

With your Sightly Platform you can track the progress of any samples that you give your patients. Then you can have Sightly automatically send them a purchase link to buy a full supply of the trial lenses.

E-Commerce Storefront

With your Sightly Platform you can launch your own e-commerce storefront to offer your patients the ability to shop the products that you sell outside of office hours.

Loyalty Reward Points

With your Sightly Platform you can now reward your patients by offering them loyalty points for their visits and purchases. With the rewards rule manager you control the points allocated for purchases and the exchange rate.

Appointment Requests

With your Sightly Platform you can build your appointment request form for your patients to fill out. This information is securely stored in your Sightly database, and automates patient follow-ups via email and/or text messaging.

Nurture Marketing

With the Sightly Platform you can use the nurture marketing engine to send out order reminders to your patients on a scheduled basis. You can build your own custom reminder emails to send over a select period of time.


Would you like to reward your patients for being loyal to your practice? With your Sightly storefront you can create discounts for your patients to use.

Landing Pages

If you are doing a marketing campaign or a social media post, you can re-direct your patients to a custom landing page on your storefront.

Sightly Catalog

We have curated some of the popular eye health care products to easily add to your storefront. Select the brand, product, and add your pricing. Save and sell on your storefront.

Sightly Patient Reminder Notifications
Sightly Reminder Notifications

Stay connected with your patients where they are...

  • Send automated Email reminder notifications
  • Send automated SMS reminder notifications
  • Send automated Push reminder notifications if the patient has the Sightly app installed
Sightly Insights & Communication Tools

Sightly Dashboard


Get visibility into anything that is happening with your storefront - patient invites sent, patient accounts created, orders, or reminder notifications sent.

Set Auto-reminders

Any product can be setup to have an automated reminder created after purchase. You can control when and how many reminders the patient will receive.

Your Products. Your Pricing.

Not only can you add any of the eye health care products that you will find in the Sightly catalog, but you can add product that you want to your Sightly storefront! :)

Email & SMS Marketing Tools

Create targeted and highly personalized email and/or SMS marketing campaigns to send to your patients for any of the products that you sell. Optimize modality mix for maximum profitability.

Sightly Dashboard

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Would you like to a personalized demo of how Sightly could work with your practice?

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Sightly Setup Process

The 3-steps to get your storefront up and running. We do all of the work for you!

  • Your Products. Your Pricing.

    setup your products & pricing

  • Email Templates

    customize the email templates for your practice

  • Launch to Patients

    setup patient invites to launch to your practice

What Our Partners Are Saying

To all of our partners - thank you! 😊

It's easy and straightforward to use, and I like that patients are able to purchase other products as well... Within our office, we're a big fan of checking in on patient trials with Sightly - being able to directly email and keep track of the correspondence. All in all, we're happy that we're on board with Sightly

Downtown Vision Care

My practice will save hours of staff time following up on trial and order requests

Varshney Optometry

Now I can profiable grow my contact lens business

Mississauga Optometric Clinic
Dr. Wes McCann, Central Optometry
Dr. Wes McCann, Central Optometry

"With the constant changing commercial landscape in this day in age, it is increasingly important to keep up with modern and effective ways of serving our patients. Sightly allows us to serve our patients conveniently, while respecting and abiding by governing rules and regulations of our college."

Central Optometry's Storefront

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Would you like to a personalized demo of how Sightly could work with your practice?

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Have More Questions? Hopefully this will help.

If you’re new to Sightly, these answers will help you learn more about the platform and its features.

No. We do not inventory or sell any products directly to your patients. Sightly is just the technology behind the scenes to help you capture re-orders from your patients.

No. We do not have any bias towards any brand that is displayed on the platform. Any practitioner using the Sightly Platform can put whichever products that they choose to promote to their patients.

The Sightly Platform has been designed so that you control the entire order process, and you decide if an order should be fulfilled or not. If you decide to put the order under review, from the order screen you can:

  • Send an email notification to the new patient, or
  • Send an SMS message to the new patient, or
  • Send a Push notification to the patient.

No. We only charge for the use of the Sightly Platform and Sightly mobile app. We use Stripe to process payments on the Sightly Platform, and any fees for processing a transaction are between you and Stripe.

Yes. We take security seriously, and we work hard to try and exceed the industry standard when it comes to protecting your data. Any data that you chose to store in your Sightly platform is encrypted at rest and in transit. We DO NOT store any payment information or touch credit card details during a transaction. Every practice gets their own storefront and database.

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