You capture the day-of-exam CL order, and the patient's next visit when it is time to renew a CL prescription. But the moment-of-truth happens when it is time to re-order their CL product between visits.



Meet Sightly...
  • Sightly is YOUR own e-commerce store to add any products that you want to it (CL products, retail drops & nutraceuticals, and sunglasses)
  • Sightly will send out automated email, text, and push notifications to your patients when they are getting close to the end of their supply
  • Sightly can also automate the trial fitting follow-up process and send purchase links to your storefront

Sightly Platform Features:

  • Your e-commerce storefront
  • Automated Patient Notifications
  • FREE Mobile Patient Apps
  • Trial Tracking & Notifications
  • Capture CL Reorders
  • Loyalty Reward Points
  • CL Products, Drops, Sunglasses
  • Nurture Marketing Engine
  • Appointment Request Form Builder

Sightly Mobile Apps:


Sightly Development Partners:

Sightly has been in development since January, 2018 with the help of 5 doctors, and 25 patients. The goal was develop a platform that delivers the same speed and convenience that is offered by other online retailers to patients. 

The doctors that we worked with are:

With the help of the Ontario Association of Optometrists, we have been working with their board member Dr. Jeff Goodhew of Abbey Eye Care to help take the Sightly Platform to the next level. Dr. Goodhew has been instrumental in a lot of updates over the past 9-weeks to help make the platform even better for practitioners and their patients.

"Overall I really like the platform, it is the best that I have seen in our industry.

It's nice because it gives you complete control to set pricing, rebates, notifications, etc."

Abbey Eye Care, Dr. Jeff Goodhew (


"Our mission is to continue to develop and grow the Sightly platform helping practitioners connect with their patients beyond the 4 walls of their office, while offering the speed & convenience of online retailers that patients have become accustomed to.

Thank you to everyone that has helped bring Sightly to life!"

Kelly Curry