Sightly Platform Update 1.8.9

We are so grateful for the great customers that we have using the Sightly platform. We love to hear the feature requests and try our best to get them implemented.
The following are the updates that are now available with your Sightly platform:

Contact Lens Product Promos:

There are times when a manufacturer will bundle an annual supply of contact lenses with some additional products. These could be an all-in bundle or allow the patient to select the additional offering that they would like to have. For example, an annual supply might offer a contact lens solution pack and a 6- pack of a coloured lenses or allow the patient to select one or the other.

Brand – Category Filters

When you navigated to a brand’s products, you would see a listing of all of the products associated with the brand. One of the requests was to have the ability to filter further on a brands product by the different categories.

You can add any category to the brand that you would like to have your patients filter. This could be contact lens modalities (dailies, bi-weekly, or monthlies), eye drops, eye vitamins, etc.

Onboard Patient Account – Nurture Marketing

From the beginning, we created a platform that automated some tasks, and one of these automated tasks Nurture Marketing workflow to new onboard accounts. This workflow will send a series of custom emails to your onboard accounts. But there may be situations that you do not want to have these emails sent to the onboard patient account. Now you can set a flag that the onboard patient will not receive any nurture marketing notifications.

Marketing Campaigns

With your Sightly platform, you can create marketing campaigns to send your patients. This could be an email campaign, an SMS campaign, or both. Some brands my put together promos that are specific to their product line. For example, a promotion by J&J for their Oasys product line. Now in the campaign setup, you can set a flag that sets the campaign around a list of selected products.
When the campaign launches, Sightly will only send the notification to the patients that are assigned a product this is on this restricted list.

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