Sightly Platform Update 1.8.0

We have great partners that are using Sightly in their practice, and with this increased usage are continued feature requests. The following is a breakdown of the updates and features added to update 1.8.0:


We have rearranged some of the information on the dashboard so that the more important items are above the fold when you first open your dashboard. For example, you will see that the Sightly tasks are displayed first, and the order pane is displayed next. We have also created a new pane that displays all the orders that have been marked for pickup.

Sightly Tasks:

When we first created Sightly, any admin task that was needed to be done, a notification was emailed to an admin person. The complaint that we were receiving was there were too many emails being received by the admin staff. To help cut down on email fatigue, we created Sightly tasks.
Sightly tasks are now notifications that appear on the dashboard given you a quick view of items that need to be addressed within your storefront. For example, this could be a newly created order, or a payment that is outstanding. Instead of receiving these as emails and trying to figure what to do, now you just need to open the Sightly task, and then easily navigate to the record that triggered the task. This should help get staff members up to speed quickly on your storefront and cut down on the number emails received.

Patient CL Wear Frequency:

When you are importing patient records into your Sightly storefront, you can add an historical order to the import data so that Sightly can create an automated order reminder. Sightly will use the patient’s CL order date, and the number of units to try and calculate the reminder date. The issue with this calculation is that some patients may only wear their lenses a few times per week. With this update, you can now set the wear frequency for an onboard patient record and a patient record.
Now when you import an onboard record, create a phone order, or a patient orders from your storefront or your Sightly app, a more appropriate reminder date will be set for a daily lens wearer.

Order Refund:

We have made a few new additions to the order record. There will be times when a patient will purchase the wrong product, and the payment will inadvertently be processed by a staff member. Now you can easily refund these orders, and then mark the order cancelled. When you go the order’s “Payment” tab, you will see the transactional records for the refund.

Mark Order Picked Up:

From the dashboard, you will see a listing of products that have been selected by the patient to pick-up. Once the order is picked up, can you easily change the shipping status to “Picked up” by going to the “Actions -> Mark as Picked Up”. Sightly will automatically date and time stamp the pick-up date.

Manually Create a CL Order:

With this update you can create a CL order for your patient manually. For example, if you had to refund an order, you can now create a new order for that patient using this 5-step wizard. Launch the wizard, select the patient, the product, supply option, and the shipping method. Review the information and create the order. Once created, you can process the order as you normally would.

Email Marketing List:

With this update, you can now segment your patient database, and send targeted, personalized email campaigns. From the Marketing Manager, you can go to the marketing list section, and build your marketing list. For example, you could search for all of the patient’s that wear Acuvue. Once the list has been saved, you can use it in email campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

With this update, you can now create an email campaign to be sent out to the selected patients on the associated marketing list. You can add the email to be sent and/or the text (SMS) message to be sent. This is a great tool when you want to send your patients vendor pricing updates or special pricing offerings. These campaigns are personalized with call-to-actions that take the patient to your storefront (and in some cases their assigned product) to easily purchase the product(s) being marketed.