On June 1, 2019 Sightly and Eye Recommend have partnered to offer Sightly to all Eye Recommend members.

“This is great opportunity for us to work with not only the number buying group in Canada, but also some of the best optometry practices in Canada” says Kelly Curry, founder of Sightly. “Each member will have the opportunity to sign-up and create their own e-commerce storefront and automated CL reordering system.”

“Eye Recommend is excited to form a partnership with Patient Reminders Inc. [Sightly]. The Sightly platform offers a unique ability to provide members with a fully customizable e-commerce solution that will allow them to offer the convenience of online ordering [for example order/reorder contact lenses] while maintaining the practitioner/patient relationship throughout their eye-health care journey.”

Shenif Kassam, VP Operations Eye Recommend

Check out our web site for up and coming webinars to learn more about the Sightly platform and how it can help your practice in a digital world.