Sightly Platform Update: 1.5.1

Import Patient Data:
We have made it easier to import patient data by allowing you to create product naming maps between your PM software and your Sightly storefront. When your patient data is imported to create your onboard records, the import engine will automatically assign the product to the patient based on the migration map that has been created. 

Reminder Notifications:
You can now create a reminder notification for any product that is in your storefront. From your admin panel, you select the product, go to the “Controls” tab check the “Allow Reminders” checkbox, and then set the default reminder days. After your patient has completed the checkout process, the order pipeline looks to see if the product has the “Allow Reminders” flag set. If so, the automated reminder for the patient and product will be created. 

GetSightly App:
The Sightly app has been updated to manage and display the new reminder notification model (above). We have also added the code to check for the latest version of the app, and if your patient does not have the latest version, they will be re-directed to a screen to ask them to update their version of Sightly.

Phone Order Capture:
In the past you could capture a “historical order” that required your staff to click through 5 screens to create. Based on feedback from our Sightly users, we have reduced this to a 1 screen wizard with 4 steps. Now you just complete the following to create the reminder:

  • Enter order date
  • Select product 
  • Select reminder date 
  • Save

Now this patient will receive a re-order notification based on the reminder date set in the wizard.

From the dashboard you can see a listing of all of the onboard record reminders and the patient record reminders. We have added code to hide the appointment calendar if you are choosing to NOT use the Sightly appointment request form with your setup. 

If you need any help or have any questions about these changes or any improvements that you would like to see, please email or call us.