Behavior defined:

A response of an individual or group to take an action, environment, person, or stimuli (

What causes behavior change? 

According to the Fogg Behavior Model, there must be three elements converging at the same time for a behavior to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger. When the desired behavior does not occur, at least one of these three elements is missing. 

This formula can also be applied to marketing strategies. If any portion of a marketing strategy lacks any one of these elements within the sales funnel, the strategy will likely fail to produce the desired results (conversions to sales).

When looking at the image above, when all three of these elements converge above the action line, there is a high probability for behavior change.


In the Fogg Behavior Model, motivation serves as the primary driver to persuade and trigger (prompt) a desired action. In a marketing email, like order your contact lenses, motivation can be seen as the emotional backdrop that creates the desire for the consumer (patient) to continue along the sales funnel. 

Looking at an email from Clearly, the subject line is “Running Low on lenses?” and a big $10 off + free shipping graphic. At the right time, this subject line and graphic provides ample motivation to take the next step in the sales process click to their web site. 


The next step in the behavior model is the “Ability” step – from the landing page, is the offer realistic for the person that clicked on the email. 

The landing page provides a list of contact lenses that the patient can choose from, and the time saving offer is prominently displayed in the right-hand corner of the page. 


The final step in the behavior model is the “Trigger” step. The trigger step is what ultimately prompts the customer/patient to take action – purchase their contact lenses. From the product page, the patient sees the per box price, a price match guarantee message, free shipping on orders over $99, and different shipping options. The page also has a very easy chat option to talk to customer support about any questions that you may have. 


The Fogg Behavior Model states that, there must be three elements converging at the same time for a behavior to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger. When looking at an email from Clearly, you can see how they use these elements to get a customer/patient to purchase from them:

A subject line and initial graphic that grabs the customer/patient attention “Running Low on Lenses?” and save on shipping costs. 

Clicking the email gives you a listing of all of the manufacturers contact lenses and how easy it is to order from Clearly.

From the product page, you will see all of the key messaging to get the customer/patient to make purchase:

  • Price per box
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Easily enter your prescription
  • Availability
  • Shipping to home
  • Return policy

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