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Create Personalized & Timely Patient Purchase Reminders

Patients can now get the same buying experience they come to expect with e-commerce retailers. Sightly is a suite of cloud-based e-commerce tools to transform the buying experience in your practice.

GetSightly e-commerce for Optometry

What Practices are Saying

Dr. Howard Dolman - Sightly Customer
Dr. Howard Dolman
Dolman Eyecare Centre
Now you can order contacts in the blink of an eye!
Well almost... Using our [Sightly] online store you can purchase your contact lenses 24/7 and have them shipped right to you. The convenience of an online store with the assurance of your own optometrist.
check out the video from Dolman Eyecare Centre
Dr. Jeff Goodhew - Sightly Customer
Dr. Jeff Goodhew
Abbey Eye Care
It [Sightly] is the best I have seen in our space!
The nice thing is that it gives complete control to the ECP to set pricing/rebates etc."
Dr. Ritesh Patel - Sightly Customer
Dr. Ritesh Patel
See & Be Seen Eye Care
We highly recommend this platform!
Transitioning to an all inclusive program such as Sightly was game changing for us. It allowed us to free up our staff time but also retain a higher amount of our contact lens patients. Best of both worlds! Our patients love the rewards program and this has also resulted in further benefits for our business.
Dr. Patrick Hector - Sightly Customer
Dr. Patrick Hector
Burlington Vision Care
Maiking it easy for my patients
I only want my patients to click 'order' and not worry about what product they should pick or incorrectly entering in their prescription.
Dr. Kim Crowe - Sightly Customer
Dr. Kim Crowe
Downtown Vision Care
Sightly has been fantastic!
It's easy and straightforward to use, and I like that patients are able to purchase other products as well... Within our office, we're a big fan of checking in on patient trials with Sightly - being able to directly email and keep track of the correspondence. All in all, we're happy that we're on board with Sightly
Sightly Platform - Contact Lens Ordering Software

Why Choose Us

Simple. Sightly works for you...

Sightly automates many of your manual processes allowing you to free up staff time towards patient facing care.

Patient benefits

  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any device 24/7 ordering
  • Automated Reminders - never run out of contact lenses again
  • Collect reward points for future purchases*
  • Order for your family in one profile

* Sightly Reward points must be turned on

Practice benefits

  • Free staff from reminder follow-up tasks
  • Centralized Ordering - decrease cost/order by automating tasks
  • Secure Payments - capture order payments & balances securely
  • Spend more time on patient care – we'll do the rest
  • Cloud-based - no software to install or udpate capture more sales.

When do your patients find it most convenient to place an order? Usually in between appointments or after hours. Rest easy - even when you’re not working, Sightly is working for you to capture more sales with an innovative suite of cloud-based tools.

Contact Lens Ordering

With Sightly, online ordering and reordering contact lenses has never been easier, faster or more convenient for your patients.

Dry Eye Product Ordering

With Sightly, online ordering and reordering dry-eye products has never been easier, faster or more convenient for your patients.

Frames, Glasses, & VTO

With Sightly, you can showcase your frames and sunglasses too. Utilize virtual try-on with the FittingBox plugin.

Sightly Bridge

Our most popular tool. Bridge is a direct link to the major brands. Your staff will love the ease and efficiency of centralized lens ordering and fulfilment.

Sightly Reminders

Patients will not miss out on reorders. You can customize the automated reminders on when to be sent and how often to capture that next sale.

Sightly Rebate Manager

After an order has been processed, you can quickly email the patient their rebate details without having to leave the order screen.

Sightly ePay

A secure and frictionless checkout experience for your patients. Capture payments or send payment links securely.

Sightly Trial Manager

Automate lens trial follow-ups with pre-set questions regarding fit & sending purchase links via SMS or email.

Sightly Quotes

Make your patients' decision to purchase from you a little easier by sending prepared quotes after their appointment.

Sightly Insights

With Sightly Insights, capture a complete view of patients, orders, reorders, inventory, revenue, and retail performance.

Sightly Bridge

Centralized Ordering

No more order duplication across platforms. You never have to leave your dashboard to submit orders to various brands.

  • shape
  • Sightly + Acuvue Direct Ordering Integration
  • Sightly + Direct Ordering Alcon Integration
  • Sightly + Direct Ordering B+L Integration
  • Sightly + Direct Ordering CooperVision Integration
  • Sightly + Labtician Thea Integration

Easy Start Up

One live video session, 30-minutes of staff training, and your practice is up & running.



Our team will welcome you with a phone call, get your product information, and set your subdomain.


Install Pricing

Once we have your pricing, we will add your products to your storefront for you.


Virtual Training

In just a few short days we will have your online store ready. Our awesome support team will schedule your staff training.



Congratulations! You are ready to start engaging with your patients and receiving orders. Don’t worry, we’re with you every step of the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the patient's prescription is invalid? Or a new patient orders?

The control is in your hands. Sightly has been designed to require your approval before an order is filled.

2. Is Sightly secure?

All the information added to your Sightly dashboard is encrypted with the same level of security as your financial institution. Credit card information is never stored on your Sightly server. When your enters this information, Sightly instantly transfers that data to one of our payment processing partners through encrypted transfer (Stripe or Elavon)

3. Are there any transaction fees for purchases?

Any transactions fees are between you and your payment provider.

GetSightly E-commerce Platform FAQ


Why you need Patient Commerce!

Covid-19 sent massive disruptions through all markets, including optometry, accelerating an already growing trend in online purchasing.

In this guide we identify the differences between transaction-focussed E-commerce and relationship-focussed Patient Commerce. We explore the key influences driving trends that are changing the face of retail and show you why Patient Commerce is the clear winner.

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