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Your Sightly Platform E-Commerce Storefront
Your Sightly Platform E-Commerce Storefront

What can the Sightly Platform do for you?

Capture Re-orders

With the Sightly Platform you can easily capture re-orders with your patients. Your patient can receive an email or text with a link back to your storefront or Sightly patient app to re-order.

Trial Tracking

With your Sightly Platform you can track the progress of any samples that ygive your patients

E-Commerce Storefront

With your Sightly Platform you can launch your own e-commerce storefront to offer your patients the ability to shop the products that you sell outside of office hours.

Loyalty Reward Points

With your Sightly Platform you can now reward your patients by offering them loyalty points for their visits and purchases. With the rewards rule manager you control the points allocated for purchases and the exchange rate.

Appointment Requests

With your Sightly Platform you can build your appointment request form for your patients to fill out. This information is securley stored in your Sightly database, and automates patient follow-ups via email and/or text messaging.

Nuture Marketing

With the Sightly Platform you can use the nurture marketing engine to send out order reminders to your patients on a scheduled basis. You can build your own custom reminder emails to send over a select period of time.

Your Practice on your Patient's Phone!

With your Sightly Platform you can now offer your patients an app to download to their phone and stay connected with you outside of your four walls and office hours.

Keep Patients Up-to-Date

Now your patient's can have all of their information, and family member's information available at their finger-tips. You can broadcast your pracices' news or send information directly to your patient. They can easily see when their next order is due, appointment reminers, and their loyalty points available.

Sightly Platform Patient App

Capture Re-orders on your Patients Schedule!

Your patients can order products for themselves & family members, request appointments for themselves & family members, shop all of your products, easily access the products assigned to them, order anytime they want, and much, much more...

Sightly Platform Patient App

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